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As with any subject the internet is basically a minefield to be frank. Looking for advice online for your Cavaliers health problems opens a big can of worms. Some is simply amusing, and some is dangerous. Which are the best websites and resources where you can be sure the advice given is safe?


The most detailed Cavalier Health information website is

It is our ‘go-to’ website as basically every health subject under the sun has been covered and the information given is sound. The website is continually updated with new research from all over the World as and when it is published and has been online since 2001.

Cavalier Health have a ‘Cavalier Health Fund’ dedicated to help Cavaliers live longer, healthier lives. It is used to fund research projects for the very common health conditions that cause Cavaliers to suffer and shorten their lives including Mitral Valve Disease, Chiari Malformation/Syringomyelia and Ophthalmology.

Cavalier Matters

Cavalier Matters have a very user-friendly website which is ideal for Cavalier owners

The website explains the common Cavalier health problems really well in basic, layman terms with any ‘vet abbreviations and jargon’ explained. It includes humorous illustrations on every page with really cute anecdotes.

Cavalier Matters are a UK based charity run by passionate Cavalier owners, fundraising takes place via their lovely gift shop and currently you’ll find some Bliss Cavalier Rescue items in the shop. Their fundraising pays for research and donations to help lesser-fortunate Cavaliers. They really are a fantastic team and so dedicated to their work.

Veterinary Neurologist

For all things neurological the best place to go is to Professor Clare Rusbridge’s website

Clare is the Cavalier ‘neuro-guru’ and the best resource for Chiari Malformation/Syringomyelia. If you want to know the symptoms and how Chiari and Syringomyelia affect Cavaliers and other breeds then this website is really the best resource for you.

If you are too far away for a consultation with Clare at Fitzpatrick Referrals in Surrey then her treatment algorithm is extremely useful to take to your first opinion vets or specialists following diagnosis.

Fitzpatrick Referrals

The Fitzpatrick Referrals website is very good resource covering a whole plethora of neurological, orthopaedic and soft tissue conditions. The pages detail symptoms, diagnosis and treatments and rehabilitation with photographs.

The website has been designed to help owners understand conditions their animals are suffering with and even includes a very useful veterinary glossary page if you are unsure. Of course Noel has a huge fan base for good reason and the team certainly know their stuff.

Sarah Smith Cardiology

For cardiology one of the best places to go for a read up is Sarah Smith Cardiology

Cardiology is all they do and they are certainly committed to helping owners to understand their pets heart health concerns. There are some brilliant fact sheets that you can download which explain each stage of MVD and other heart conditions that are commonly seen in Cavaliers.


We have made the conscious decision that any health information we cover on our own website will be more from an owner perspective to aid owners on more of an emotional level. We will also take you on the rescue dogs journeys with us.

Any information found on our website or any of the above does not substitute veterinary advice from your own general practice vet or specialist.

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