Do you need help with rehoming your Cavalier?

We understand that circumstances can change and be completely out of your control. If you can no longer care for your Cavalier and need our help please get in touch with us. We do not charge a surrender fee.

How do you adopt one of our rescue dogs?

Spotted a Cavalier looking for a home?

Follow us on our social media channels for the very latest dogs that are available to be adopted. Each dog is an individual so be sure to thoroughly read all of the information relating to the dog that you are interested in. We will give as much information as possible that is currently available.

Ensure that you can comfortably afford their insurance and veterinary care, grooming, food and other related expenses. Cavaliers are a very expensive breed to own. Once you are happy the dog is a great fit for you, and the rest of your family also wish to proceed please fill in an application form. The form asks for a lot of questions to be answered, this is so we can ensure the dogs will be rehomed to the right family that suits them best. Please ensure you answer every question to the best of your ability with as much information as possible.

Telephone Interview

Once we have received your application form if we think you can offer a suitable home you will be contacted by our adoption team. The will be able to give you some more information and answer your questions.

Following the telephone call, if successful in your application, the foster parent will organise a home check to be carried out with one of our volunteers. This will usually take place within 2 days of the telephone call.

Home Check

A home check will always be carried out prior to adoption. This is to ensure your home is safe for the dog.

You will be informed within 24 hours of the home check taking place if you were successful. Sometimes we may ask for some changes to be made, an example of this would be making sure garden gates are locked or removing dangerous items from the garden. We will ask more questions at this point about your experience with dogs, daily exercise, food and medications.

If your home check is successful you will be invited to meet the dog you wish to adopt at their current foster home within 5 days. You must bring all human family members and all dogs that live in your household. We will not hold dogs due to holidays etc