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29th December 2020
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6th January 2021
Bailey Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Where I live is at the top of the country, it’s winter time now and its very cold. I have no bed, if I am lucky I have some straw or sawdust to lay on but it’s usually wet as I have to go to the toilet where I sleep.

You see, I am a dog that is used for breeding, I spend most of my time alone with the occasional meeting with one of the girls.

I can hear the other dogs and their puppies but I am mostly alone.

My feet are stained, my fur is matted, my eyes sting from the urine in my area and my mouth hurts.

I have lived like this for some years now, I am lonely and scared but today things are about to change. Some people have come to get me,  they are taking me out of my area to outside. They say they are taking me away to have a better life, I am scared and I don’t know what is happening.

I am leaving my prison forever

I go with a nice lady and man on a very long journey, I have never seen so much in my whole life.

I am taken to a place where they shave me all over and give me my first bath. I am wrapped in a warm towel and taken to a home where a nice lady says I will be staying with her.

I don’t sleep very well I am confused but it’s soon morning. I am in a foster home, it feels safe, warm and nice. I meet my two foster brothers, they look like me but calm, happy and healthy- I know we will be very good friends.

My foster mums says don’t worry it will all be ok but I am confused and scared but it’s warm here and I can sit on the sofa.

Later my foster mum said its time for bed and took me and my foster brothers upstairs she put me on the bed and my brothers jumped up too it was warm and soft I could not believe my luck!

My foster mum got in to bed and pulled me close and gave me a cuddle, I slept all night with my head across my mum’s neck so I know if she tried to leave me. I did this every night until eventually I knew she was not going to leave me.

My new beginning

I had lots of things to learn such as going to the toilet outside, walking on a lead and not being scared of outside. I also met other people and dogs and I was learning pretty quick thanks to my foster brothers, they aren’t scared of anything and I trusted them.

I also went to the vets a lot to have my sore eyes treated and my vaccinations. My foster mum said you are having an operation so no one can ever use you again as a breeding machine and you will be having your teeth fixed too.

It all went well and mum was so proud of how well I was doing. After a few weeks of being there she said it was a special time of year and she would put up decorations and lights, she said this will be your first proper Christmas and we are going to make it special.

Christmas day came and I had presents to open with treats and toys, I was really good at opening them too! Mum said you can open your brothers as well, they are rubbish at it!

We went to my foster dad’s family’s house and had a special dinner, it was yummy! I sat on mums’ knee most of the day while the family played games, I was happy at last!

Mum said you have been such a good boy we are now going to find you a forever home. That is the best Christmas present I can give you, you will have your own family and you will never be cold or in pain again and you will be happy forever.

And you know what she was right! I now live at the bottom of the country near the sea, I have a new mum and dad and two fur brothers. I am happy, healthy and loved !

Bailey with his foster mum walking in the woods

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