Navigating the Initial Milestones with Your Rescue Cavalier

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There are three key phases to anticipate as your rescue dog adjusts to its new home: the initial 3 days, the 3-week mark, and then the 3-month milestone.

Navigating the first 3 Days with Your Rescue Cavalier 🐾

The beginning trio of days can feel like a detox period for your Cavalier. Moving from a foster environment to your residence, they will start their decompression journey. Yet, with the novelty of their surroundings, it’s entirely normal for them not to fully relax and exhibit their genuine personality.

In the initial 72 hours, it’s common for your Cavalier to experience a whirlwind of emotions. Feeling overwhelmed, scared, and uncertain, they are grappling with an entirely new environment and might:

  • Seek solace: Your rescue might want to tuck themselves away in a quiet corner, seeking refuge from unfamiliar surroundings.
  • Test limits: Like any newcomer, they might push a few boundaries, trying to gauge their new world and what’s acceptable.
  • Overwhelm easily: Nervous dogs, especially, can find it challenging when inundated with too many new faces or excessive attention. It’s advised to limit introductions during this period.

The best approach during these formative days is to be hands-off. Give them the space they need, letting them familiarise and adjust at their own pace. Your patience and understanding will lay the foundation for trust and a loving bond.

Don’t be surprised if your rescue shows little to no interest in food during this early stage. Stress can dampen their appetite. However, always ensure fresh water is readily accessible to them. They may have toilet accidents, and this is completely normal until they figure things out.

They may also develop a deep attachment to you and want to follow you everywhere.

Navigating the 3-Week Mark with Your Rescue Cavalier 🐾

After three weeks, you’ll likely witness a transformation in your rescue Cavalier. This period often marks a turning point where:

  • Finding their footing: Your Cavalier will begin to feel more at ease in their environment, sensing that this could be their long-awaited forever home.
  • Guard coming down: Those initial walls of caution start to crumble. This means they’ll be more open, letting their genuine personality shine through.
  • Behavioural bumps: As they become more comfortable, it’s not unusual for some behavioural issues to emerge. This is a part of the adjustment process and can be addressed with patience and consistent, always positive and kind training.

Remember, every dog’s journey is unique. Celebrate their progress, and be there to guide them through any challenges. Your support will solidify the loving bond you’re building.

It’s around this time that certain behaviours might emerge. As they grow more confident, they might test boundaries or exhibit behaviours that hadn’t been obvious before. Remember, they are still trying to gauge where they stand with you!

Consistency is key. Whether it’s rules, guidance, or training, maintaining a steady approach will ensure they feel secure. And always remember to use positive reinforcement. It’s far more effective to reward good behaviour than to punish the missteps. If you’re ever in doubt or need assistance, reach out for help early. Teaching the right behaviour from the start is always easier than unlearning an ingrained habit. Your commitment and patience are what will guide him into becoming their best version.

Embracing the 3-Month Milestone with Your Rescue Cavalier 🐾

Reaching the three-month mark is a significant milestone in your journey together:

  • Comfort and Belonging: By now, your Cavalier has settled into the rhythm of your home, feeling truly at ease in their forever space.
  • Deepening Trust and Bond: The initial hesitations have faded, replaced by a growing bond of trust. The connection between you and your rescue deepens with each passing day.
  • A Sense of Security: Your dog starts to understand they’re truly part of the family, gaining confidence and feeling secure in their newfound relationship.
  • Routine becomes second nature: Familiar patterns, consistent feeding times, and regular walks have become a comforting routine, helping them thrive.

As you celebrate this milestone, cherish the journey you’ve both been on. It’s a testament to the power of patience, love, and consistency.

Remember, with patience and love, your Bliss Cavalier will soon feel right at home.


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