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We use a lot of different items for the rescue Cavaliers such as different brands of food, supplements, toys, treats, grooming products and coats and jumpers.

As well as the dogs that are with us waiting for new homes we also have Cavaliers that are in rescue as Forever Foster dogs, they stay with us due to complicated health or behaviour problems. It is surprising how much you actually need for each foster dog.

We provide every dog with a new collar, lead and harness. During winter they need jumpers and coats and following surgeries need things like surgical suits or inflatable neck collars. The rescue Cavaliers need food and some are on special diets due to health problems such as allergies, kidney problems and ongoing pancreatitis. Many are on supplements for their joints, skin or anxiety. They also need treats for training, toys and chews. Then they need grooming items such as shampoo, conditioners, ear cleaners etc. and eye lubricants.

We also use a lot of stationary products such as stamps, envelopes etc as we write to companies for help. We also have a very busy auction group and use a lot of tape, boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper.

Many of our supporters have asked us what we need so that they can send things for the foster dogs. We have found the easiest way to manage what is needed and communicate this is via our Amazon Wish List.

It’s really easy for us to pop on there once a week and just adjust what we need so we don’t become to overwhelmed with too many of one or two items. Supporters can choose an item or two and add them to their online shopping basket and Amazon sends the items directly to us. Usually the delivery is free also which makes a huge difference and Amazon are very efficient at getting items to us quickly.


You can find the Bliss Cavalier Rescue Amazon Wish List here


If you would prefer to send a donation via Paypal please click here, you do not need a Paypal account to donate.


Thank you all so, so much for your support!

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