What a week, we have been so busy!

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14th February 2021
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Henry Blenheim rescue Cavalier

We have just about survived the last 7 days thanks to our amazing volunteers and of course the support of the public. We were contacted last Thursday by multiple owners needing our help, by the end of that one day we had 8 Cavaliers needing to come into rescue and as soon as possible.

As many of you know we already have many senior poorly Cavaliers in rescue, they are currently having veterinary treatment or are with us for palliative care. Due to the complex nature of their health problems it really isn’t a fast process getting them to the point of adoption. Some are needing follow up specialist appointments, others have needed to be stabilised with heart medication before they can have the anaesthetic needed for their procedures.

Planning the new arrivals

We managed to plan the transport journeys and foster home spaces needed. Knowing that most of the Cavaliers had some serious health or behaviour issues meant our most experienced fosterers would be needed. The fosterers have been wonderful, giving up so much time to help and driving all over to collect the dogs. We have a new transport team which has been getting started too which is already benefiting us. Our vets have really helped us too, in such difficult times with the pandemic they have their own challenges but have been amazing.

Our supporters were marvellous and donated so much from our wish list to help with the new arrivals. Our £1 Friday event this week has boosted our funds up again so we can breathe a small sigh of relief again for now.

The new rescue Cavaliers

The Cavaliers that have arrived are as expected going to need a lot of veterinary care, training and time with us. Their issues range from a suspected slipped disc to more common Cavalier health problems such as Mitral Valve Disease therefore needing echocardiograms prior to anaesthetic. A few are showing very obvious neurological issues suggestive of Chiari Malformation and/or Syringomyelia. Most of the new arrivals at minimum need dentals, vaccinations and neuter surgery. One has quite severe resource guarding issues, others suffer with anxiety.

They are all settling very well in their foster homes and are enjoying making new Cavalier friends, the resident dogs have given them a real boost in confidence. We are starting to see their cheeky personalities shining through.

You will see them popping up on our social media accounts and we will share their individual stories with you so you can follow their progress.

Thank you!

We need to thank every single person that helps us, we couldn’t help these little dogs without all of you. Thanks to you all we have so many transformations and really do make the Cavaliers lives so much better. For every person that donates, buys raffle tickets or auction items we are beyond grateful for your generosity. You are part of our team, thank you!

If you would like to donate you can do so here- every penny counts- https://www.blisscavalierrescue.org/donate/


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