Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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12th June 2021
Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
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29th June 2021
Blenheim Cavalier Bruno

Very sadly 2 year old Cavalier Bruno came into rescue recently with some initially mild symptoms of a spine problem. A few days into the time in his foster home it became obvious that in fact the problem is much more severe than was first thought.

Severe spine pain

He suddenly began screaming in pain and needed to be seen as an emergency. The vet gave him very strong pain relief including morphine and he was put on immediate rest. He remains on pain relief and he has an urgent appointment with our neurologist booked. The pain appears to be in the lumbar region and could be a number of things including a disc issue. We will know more as soon as the neurologist has assessed him. Bruno spine problem

He will need an MRI and there is a chance he could need surgery on his spine, until his appointment and the imaging is done we just don’t know. He really is the sweetest little boy, typically stoic as he can be as are many Cavaliers. We do believe this issue has been present for some time before coming into rescue. His pre-surrender form highlighted that he was yelping when picked up, usually this is a big red flag for Chiari Malformation, Syringomyelia or other neurological issues that are very painful. We did expect that he would have Chiari Malformation with pain but it is presenting in his lumbar region rather than his neck. The pain is excrutiating for him and it is very difficult to see him like this for his foster parents.

We need urgent help

We really, really need to ask for your help as an emergency to raise funds for Bruno’s MRI and treatment. He is just 2 years old and we hope and pray we can help him live a pain free life.

The rescue is struggling- we remain unable to carry out any fundraising events, we have a number of palliative dogs, dogs needing long term veterinary care and dogs with behavioural issues that are unable to be rehomed. We don’t discriminate and will take Cavaliers with any problems that they have currently thanks to the support we receive. To continue to do this however we desperately need help.

Please if you can spare just a puppy pound or two for Bruno’s care it would really help us more than you know

If you can help us with making a donation, setting up a standing order, selling items on our auction, fundraising in your local community etc we would be incredibly grateful.

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Paypal address: [email protected]

▶️ Bank details- Payee: Bliss Cavalier Rescue
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Account number 13381951

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