Why do rescue Cavaliers so often need a doggy friend?

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We are asked this question so often by people wanting to adopt that don’t have a resident dog. It isn’t because we are being mean, we always want the best possible home for each and every one of the rescue Cavaliers.

Many of the Cavaliers that come into rescue are ex-breeding dogs. Other dogs are all they are used to as they so frequently haven’t been handled very much by humans. A resident dog not only provides reassurance to them but actually helps them learn.

These dogs are not as confident as a dog purchased as a puppy that has only ever known love, a comfy bed and plenty of socialisation. They haven’t seen beyond their pen/kennel area. They have never been cuddled, walked and shared a home with a family. They have however found some comfort in the other dogs they have lived with.

When an ex-breeding dog comes into a foster home we rely on our resident dogs to teach these dogs that they eat from a bowl, they go outside to the toilet, they go for a walk on a harness etc. They rarely want to come near us but will happily cuddle up to one of the resident Cavaliers. They then follow them when they come to us for some affection and quickly realise we aren’t so bad really!

Aside from ex breeders we know many other Cavaliers love the company of another dog- preferably another Cavalier (it’s a thing- they know their kind!) Some very much rely on a friend and for example will not go for a walk alone, some also will not eat without a pal nearby.

Dogs are a pack animal and absolutely love to be together, there are actually many benefits to having more than one Cavalier. They are highly social animals and really do benefit from cohabiting. Playtime just wouldn’t be the same, it’s so enriching for the dogs to have play sessions together.

Of course, some Cavaliers prefer to have their human all to themselves- if this is the case we will of course state this in their biography.

When we write the rescue dogs criteria, we are looking for the absolute best home for the rescue dog. For many this means they absolutely must have a furry friend.

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