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23rd November 2020
Bliss and Shiver Cavaliers on a road trip

We have been meaning to set up the news section of the website for around two years now!

Time has really flown by as we continue to be very busy with Cavaliers needing our help. The first news post is really more of an ‘about us’ to get things started. If you have landed on our website for the first time you may wonder how the rescue works and are here to find out more information.

When we set the rescue up we thought we would probably take in approximately 2-3 Cavaliers per month. On average we take 10-12 per month! We have a small team of very dedicated volunteers and we devote our lives to helping the dogs get back to health and into a secure, loving forever home.

Why do Cavaliers come into rescue?

Most of the Cavaliers that come into rescue are from owners that can no longer care for their dogs for a variety of reasons including illness, finances and change of circumstances. Some Cavaliers come to us from breeders that are retiring their breeding dogs.

We also help owners with difficult dogs with behavioural problems including aggression.

No kennels, only foster homes

Bliss Cavalier Rescue uses a team of volunteer fosterers, we do not use kennels at all. Every Cavalier in our care lives in a home with their foster family and enjoys the same luxury as our own dogs. We communicate daily with our fosterers to support them, fostering can be extremely challenging but also rewarding.

Our fosterers receive lots of training and daily support due to the very complex needs of the breed. There is a lot to learn and we are incredibly proud of our team, we are more like a family really.

The Cavaliers in rescue receive gold standard veterinary care from our trusted vets and specialists. The breed is prone to some very serious health problems which we are very experienced in, as are the vets and specialists that we work with.

We have a very strict no kill policy and rescue back up for every dog for the rest of their life. If for any reason a dog in rescue cannot be rehomed due to health or behavioural problems they stay safe under the rescue umbrella as a ‘Forever Foster’. This means they would remain with their fosterer supported by the rescue.

We are strict when it comes to rehoming dogs with plenty of checks prior to the adoption taking place and further follow up checks. We remain in contact with all adopters so that we can offer support if ever needed. They often become personal friends and avid supporters of the rescue.

We hadn’t anticipated the incredible support that we would receive from Cavaliers lovers all over the World, there are so many wonderful people that donate to the rescue to help. We are truly grateful for this to enable us to help the dogs.

Bliss and Shiver Cavaliers on a road trip





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