Eira update – One big surgery down, one to go

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5th March 2021
Adopted girl Milly’s update from her humans
11th March 2021
Eira Cocker in her bed

My name is Eira. It’s my new name for my new life. This is the second part of my story.

I have been in my foster home for a while. I was very scared when I first went through that door. Now I think it was a magic door: I have been living in a different world. I never knew before what a family Cocker Spaniel’s life should be like.

My mouth and ears don’t hurt anymore. I’ve had my first big operation to take away the nasty lumps from where I had been feeding my babies, and also the one to make sure I will never ever have to have babies again. Those lumps were cancerous, them humans are praying the cancer hasn’t spread. The vets got good margins but it is complicated.

Rest is best? Really?

After that surgery I was supposed to be resting. Resting was a hard thing for me to do because I didn’t want to lose a minute of what was going on in my foster home. I had to wear body suits for a couple of weeks so all those stitches would stay put and I wouldn’t be tempted to pull them out. I am a clever Cocker Spaniel – I would never have done that! I confess I did jump on the sofa once when I should have been resting, also I did run in the garden ‘like a greyhound’ when I saw the cat -and when I got excited inside the house I walked on my hind legs. I still do this trick (my foster mum thinks I could make a good living as an entertainer).

I will have another big operation in a few weeks to take all the other lumps away. Lots of very kind people are helping raise money for my vet bills fund so the vet can make me completely better. ‘Kind’ is a new word I’m learning.

A whole big wide World to explore

When those stitches were out the best thing happened: I went on an adventure! I’d seen some of the other dogs go in the car. They didn’t have to go in crates. This time I didn’t either – I was with them! Wow!

We went in a big field where it was quiet. All that space to explore! The others were running after balls; I kept my nose to the ground not wanting to miss any of the exciting smells. It got even better – a path led to the woods! There were lots of tree trunks where messages had been left. My foster mum said I was using her as a maypole because I just couldn’t stop going in circles to track the creatures who’d been there. Since then I’ve been there every day. Eira sniffing a tree in the woods

Yesterday a squirrel jumped down from a tree right in front of me! Just as well I was on a lead or I’d have chased that squirrel. Because of that lead people know I am a learner and are interested in me. They come to talk to me. They tell me I am beautiful. When this first happened I went flat to the ground but now I hardly ever do that because I know they won’t hurt me.

When we get back in the car to go home we all get a dried sprat for a treat. That’s why we get back in it, like good dogs.

My name is Eira. It is my new name for my new life. I was rescued in a snowstorm. Eira means snow. Snow sparkles and is beautiful. I don’t know how many more chapters there will be before I reach that last one in my story – the one where I find my forever home – where I will always sparkle, and always be loved.

You can read the first part of my story here- Eira’s story in her own words

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