Covid-19 Update for December 2020

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23rd December 2020
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24th December 2020
Covid 19 update Cavalier Blenheim

We really cannot believe that we are no further forwards in England, if anything things are getting much worse with even more Coronavirus cases being announced each day. We have been waiting patiently and hoping we could restart adoptions but as it stands it wouldn’t be safe to do this currently.

As many of you know we never carry out adoptions over the Christmas period but it is looking as though we will still not be able to carry out adoptions in Janaury either.

During November the country was in lockdown once again and we thought after that perhaps we would be moved into a lower tier following. Sadly all of our foster homes remain in tier 3 and it may be that we even go into tier 4 before the new year begins. As it stands 6 million more people will be entering tier 4 on boxing day.

For the rescue Cavaliers this means they remain safe and cared for by their foster parents in their foster homes. We have plenty of food, medication and supplies so really we will be ok and will just have to carry on as we have been. Our veterinarians remain open and able to help us thankfully. We remain able to bring dogs into rescue with strict protocol under the grounds of welfare thankfully and we do still have a few foster spaces available.

The new strain of the virus that has been found initially in England is even more contagious further increasing the risk for us all. It has now been found in the North of England, Scotland and Wales which just proves how easily transmissible it is. Some of our volunteers and foster carers are in the ‘high risk’ category so keeping them all safe and of course members of the public too is the priority for us.

We will of course keep you all updated via social media and our webiste.

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