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What is surrendering a Cavalier like during a pandemic?
21st December 2020
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Covid-19 Update for December 2020
23rd December 2020
Cody Cavalier King Charles after hip replacement surgery

Hi friends, Cody here!

I’m home following my hip replacement surgery that I had on Monday. My surgery went very well, all straight forward. I had 48 hours in total at the specialist hospital so they could ensure my pain relief was adequate and that I was able to weight bear.
It’s not too bad staying in hospital as the vets and nurses are very kind, they have chicken as well! I was a very good boy and they said I am so brave.
I needed a salvage hip replacement as I had terrible hip pain, my hip wasn’t in the socket and had started to impact other parts of my body. The worry is the longer it was left the more damage could have been done and also I was in a lot of pain that my non-steroidal medication wasn’t fully covering.
Hip replacement surgery isn’t cheap, it is a big surgery and a lot goes into doing an operation like this. In the UK you can expect to pay in excess of £6500 per hip, when compared to a human hip replacement that costs £8,500 to £16,800 you can start to understand why.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and hip dysplasia


Many Cavaliers have hip dysplasia, it is not uncommon at all- hence the need for very comprehensive pet insurance. It can happen to any breed of dog in fact and is a hereditary condition but factors such as carrying too much weight, types of exercise and improper nutrition do not help matters. Usually dogs are diagnosed with hip dysplasia as puppies from the age of just four months old. Symptoms can include bunny hopping, lameness, stiffness, pain, decreased activity, difficulty standing up after laying down, reluctance to climb stairs or jump onto furniture or a swivelling motion when walking.
To diagnose hip dysplasia vets take x rays of the hips following taking a full history from the owner and manipulating the hips. Depending on the extent of the pain the dog is in many do very well with appropriate exercise, keeping lean and pain relief.

My recovery


I’m doing really, really well them hoomans are quite shocked at how good I’m walking already. I’m only allowed a few minutes out of the crate a few times a day for toileting on the lead. It’s a bit embarrassing the hooman watching me going to the toilet while I am on my lead and analysing my ?!
I’ve accepted I need to stay inside my crate and am watching the hoomans and my pals to pass the hours. I’ve got my Nylabone and Teddy so really things aren’t so bad! In two weeks my exercise will be increased to 10 minutes walking four times a day.
Will repawt back soon! Thank you all so much for helping me get my new hip, you’ve changed my life!

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