Blenheim puppy farm Cavalier Emaciated
The reality of living on a puppy farm- are you sure your new puppy isn’t bred here?
18th December 2020
Barney and Reilly age 5 and 6 years Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Behind the scenes at Bliss Cavalier Rescue
20th December 2020
Cody a 3 year old Cavalier with severe hip dysplasia

Forever Foster boy Cody repawting….

Yesterday I did not get any breakfast, them hoomans are so mean. My routine was different so I got very stressed.
My harness was put on so I thought great I’m off out sniffing but instead we were going out in the car, I like that too a lot so wasn’t too worried as long as I’m with my hooman. Couldn’t shake the thought of not having breakfast though……
We arrived at a place I remember well with kind hoomans and I was happy to see my specialist. He is a kind man and I love to have cuddles with him. He fixed my knees exactly one year ago which means I have a much better quality of life but things aren’t so good with my hips at all.
He gave me a thorough check up, feeling my knees, hocks, hips, spine, shoulders and then he gave me a nice stroke. When he touched my right hip I cried so bad, it really hurts. My left hip is also sore but the right is so, so ouchy.
I am a hugely wonky dog there’s no getting away from that, born with bad breeders that didn’t look after my pawents properly or do any health tests. You know the type- no questions asked just hand over the cash! I am only 3 but arthritis has set into my joints, my hip dysplasia is ever so severe that the bone grinds against bone and it’s very sore. My hocks kind of waft around but aren’t painful at the moment, they say I walk funny.
My hooman left me there with them vet hoomans. I was given something to make me go to sleep and they said they did imaging to look at both hips and my knees. I woke up then my hooman came back for me, I was so hungry that’s all I could think about.

I need a salvage hip replacement

 Them hoomans was saying I need a total hip replacement (THR), I knew this but now it is confirmed. My knees look good, everything in place but arthritis is around both knees. I am booked in for surgery for Monday next week. They decided on my right hip as it hurts me so much, we hope the left will behave itself and not need any intervention in future.
I have a long recovery ahead but the success rate is very high so I should feel so much better. Once I have healed after 3 months I can go back to being the crazy boy I like to be, bouncing off the walls again! For the first month I have to rest lots in a crate, think I might have things to say about this but as long as I’m next to my hooman I think I will be ok.
Anyway I need to thank you all hoomans for supporting the rescue, the surgery is a big one but without it I am going to suffer even more in the future.

Big thank you

 There is a very kind lady called Mary that has been donating lots towards my surgery, she is amazing. Other hoomans have donated too, I cannot thank you all enough for this! The hoomans have been working incredibly hard raising the money needed for this surgery. You are changing my life so much for the better
Will repawt back in a few days time…. wish me luck!

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