Pepe and Cassie- Adopted
17th April 2019
Faith Blenhiem Cavalier age 9
Faith- Adopted
3rd April 2019
Rory Ruby Cavalier age 4



Sex Male
Age 4 Years approx
Background Ex Breeder
Location Sheffield, South Yorkshire

About Rory

Rory is a handsome ruby Cavalier x Cocker. He was previously with a commercial breeder.

His approximate age is 4 yrs although we think he may be younger. Rory hasn't had the best start in his life but in his foster home the resident dogs are teaching him that humans can be kind, and life can be fun. He plays with the Cavalier mostly but also enjoys a game of tug with the Labrador - he loves to run in the garden too.

Rory is gaining confidence every day, the route to his trust being treats, and a daily routine so that he knows what's happening next; routine trips to the garden is paying dividends with his toilet training.

Rory sleeps quietly through the night with the other dogs. He's made great progress and now goes on short car journeys to his walks in the woods; there he's found the courage to accept treats from people who allow him to approach them rather than the other way around. Once he's settled in his new home and has good recall Rory will be an active, loyal, family member.

He does not have any known health problems.

Rory has so much love to give - he deserves a happy ever after life. We are looking for a forever home with a kind resident dog(s) and patient owners who together will help Rory adjust to his new surroundings at his own pace and help him become the super dog he was born to be.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.