Pepe and Cassie- Adopted

Max black and tan Cavalier age 6
Max- Adopted
17th April 2019
Rory Ruby Cavalier age 4
Rory- Adopted
5th April 2019



Sex Male and female
Age 5 years and 8 years
Background Pet home
Location Barnsley, South Yorkshire

About Pepe and Cassie

Pepe and Cassie came into rescue from a pet home as their owner could no longer care for them.

Pepe is full of beans and very confident, since being neutered his behaviour has improved no end. He is becoming a real lap dog and so cuddly. He does bark at other dogs while out walking so will need an adopter that is prepared to work through these issues. We feel that the more good exercise he gets the better he will become, attending a training class may also be a good idea. Pepe can be vocal while watching passers by. He has started to learn to play with other dogs in his foster home.

Cassie is a very sweet girl, she needs loads of love and attention. She is beginning to become a little more confident and enjoys exploring the garden and has the waggiest tail ever! She can be shy with sudden movements and will need reassurance if she does get frightened. She loves teddy bears and enjoys a snuggle with them while shes asleep, Cassie is a cuddle monkey!

Cassie came into rescue a little overweight, with good exercise and the correct portions of high quality food she will continue to lose weight in her adoptive home. She is enjoying frequent, short walks currently and her fitness level is really improving.

Cassie came into rescue and immediately needed surgery as she had Pyometra, a womb infection. If she hadn't have had surgery she could have lost her life, we are all so relieved to say she is now doing very well. She has had an echo, she has a grade 3 murmur and has started heart medication, the ongoing cost needs to be a consideration for her adopter. We are more than happy to give anyone that requests an approx cost per month of the medication at point of application.

They are such a lovely pair of dogs, an adopter will be extremely lucky to have them!

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.