Dexter Blenheim Cavalier age 6
Dexter- Adopted
12th July 2019
Cindy Ruby Cavalier age 6 years
Cindy- Adopted
4th July 2019
Maxi Tibetan Spaniel



Sex Male
Age 18 months
Background Eastern Europe Rescue
Location North Lincolnshire

About Maxi

Maxi is a 18 month old Tibetan Spaniel that came into rescue in Eastern Europe after being found tied up.

Maxi is super cute, he is a very loving. However he is full of beans and is a feisty little boy. Tibetan Spaniels are very different to Cavaliers, they were bred for guarding and raising the alarm so they often jump as high up as possible ie back of sofa and will let off 'alarm barks'. If you are of a nervous disposition Maxi is not a dog for you!

When he meets new dogs he wants to be in their face and will bark at them- we have been working on this with him and he has improved a lot. Luckily being only 4kg you can pick him up to avoid any 'situations' as most other dogs out and about will not appreciate Maxi's style of greeting. With further training and patience we are sure this will improve more although no guarantee. Tibby's love the sound of their own voice.

Maxi loves toys and plays nicely with his friends, they love to wrestle! He can manage short walks and enjoys them- he walks nicely on the lead. Maxi needs either a Tibby friend or another small breed that won't be stressed by his behaviour, ideally a dog of similar age would be best.

His health is good, he is neutered, wormed and vaccinated. His front legs are bowed but as he is a toy breed and light weight we hope they won't affect him in the future- they certainly don't now.

Maxi cannot be rehomed with young children, he really dislikes them so 12+ resident and visiting children only. He also cannot be homed with cats.

He is the most lovely boy and his adopter will be in love the second they meet him.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.