Maxi Tibetan Spaniel
Maxi- Adopted
12th July 2019
Daisy Blenheim Cavalier age 5 years
Daisy- Adopted
1st July 2019
Cindy Ruby Cavalier age 6 years



Sex Female
Age 6 years
Background Pet home
Location North Lincolnshire

About Cindy

Cindy is a gorgeous 6 year old Cavalier girl that has come into rescue due to a change in his previous owners circumstances.

Cindy is very loving and 'human orientated', she wants to be with her humans 24/7 as close as possible. She must be rehomed by someone at home most of the time that can devote a lot of time to being with her. She loves her walks, is very confident when out and about and laps up attention. She can live happily with cats.

She has started to pick toys up now and again so we hope as time goes on she will learn to play more.

Cindy does have a luxating patella but the vets don't feel she needs surgery after reviewing her again now she has lost some weight and gained some muscle tone. She may need to go on anti inflammatory pain relief in the future, she also needs Yumove supplements daily which are working so well. She has been on a weight loss diet while in rescue and is doing fantastically well, her weight needs to be kept right down for the sake of her knee and overall health. Cindy is heart clear currently. She does have dry eye so will need to use Optimmune twice daily for the rest of her life to keep her eyes lubricated.

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