CJ Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
CJ – Adopted
24th November 2022
Betty Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Betty- Adopted
20th November 2022
Margot ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Margot is a beautiful and very special 2-year-old, ruby Cavalier girl. She has had an incredibly difficult start to her life.

We have been on a bit of a journey with Margot. She had a litter of puppies when she was less than a year old, not only was she bred way too young but also with very serious health problems. We cannot imagine the pain she would have been in during her pregnancy and the following months until she arrived in rescue.

Margot needed to have both of her knees operated on while in rescue, one knee was fully locked out and the other wasn’t much better. She has since gone on to recover very well from her knee surgeries and is currently increasing exercise, this will take time so she will need to keep up her exercise regime in her forever home. Hopefully, she won’t have further issues with her knees requiring further surgery, but it is likely that she will develop arthritis as time goes on and could need medication and hydrotherapy. Thankfully she is currently heart clear. She also has Chiari malformation pain and mild Syringomyelia, she takes inexpensive medication for this and her condition is extremely well managed currently. It is possible this could get worse as she gets older and she may benefit from seeing a neurologist for managing her medication. Her knees and neurological issues will be excluded from most insurance policies as classified as pre-existing conditions.

She is very needy and seeks a lot of reassurance from her humans. She does sadly suffer from situational anxiety and separation anxiety. When attention is focused elsewhere ie talking to someone she will scratch you until she gets attention. We have been working with positive training for her on this but this will take much more time. She can be worried in some situations if visiting a new place for example or meeting a new person so will need reassurance. Margot very much benefits from her relationships with the confident resident dogs and now plays a lot. She would be most happy with another young, confident dog as a friend that can wrestle with her!

Margot needs 2 walks daily of approximately 30 minutes per walk, exercise can be gently built up as time goes on. She travels really well in the car with another confident dog. She very much enjoys being a diva and needs an adopter willing to let her sleep on their bed.

We are looking for a home for Margot that can afford her veterinary care both now and in the future. Her adopters absolutely must be around most of the time as she suffers from separation anxiety. She needs a similarly aged dog in her forever home so that she has a friend to play with. Children and visiting children 10+ and care must be taken around the elderly or anyone with delicate skin due to the scratching for attention.

Margot is in foster in North Lincolnshire. Her adopter must be prepared to purchase a lifetime insurance policy or have the means to cover any future health issues. Home workers must be able to produce a contract from their employer. Tenants must send a letter from their landlord stating that they have permission to have the dog at their property.

The successful applicants must be able to travel to the foster home for the meet and greet and be immediately available for a home check. The meet and greet must take place within 5 days of a successful home check. Please can we remind you not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time, you are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]

Please read our adoption procedure before applying – https://www.blisscavalierrescue.org/adoption-procedure/

Apply – https://www.blisscavalierrescue.org/adoption-application-form/