Daisy Blenheim Cavalier age 5 years
Daisy- Adopted
1st July 2019
Edward ruby Cavalier boy age 8
27th June 2019
Faye Blue Roan Cocker age 7



Sex Female
Age 7 years
Background Breeding establishment
Location Sheffield

About Faye

Faye is a beautiful, gentle, Blue Roan Cocker spaniel. She is approximately 7 years old and has come from a breeding establishment.

Faye has settled well in her foster home which she shares with 3 other dogs. She sleeps with them through the night; her house training is progressing well. In the house Faye needs to know where her 'person' is - cuddling up on the sofa at every opportunity.

Faye's happy, busy cocker spaniel nature emerges when she's outside in the garden: She investigates every bush, head down follows scent trails; also, for the sheer joy of it, she'll roll on her back on the grass. Faye's ideal forever home is where her adopter(s) are around most of the day, preferably with a kind, well trained dog(s) to help her adjust to her new life. Also she must be taken on good quality walks where, once recall is firmly established, she can run free.

Her health is very good, she is having her veterinary treatment at the moment including vaccines, spay and dental then she will be ready for her forever home.

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