Faye Blue Roan Cocker age 7
Faye- Adopted
28th June 2019
Benjy- Adopted
24th June 2019
Edward ruby Cavalier boy age 8



Sex Male
Age 8 years
Background Pet home
Location North Lincolnshire

About Edward

Edward is a handsome, sweet Cavalier boy that has come into rescue due to a change in his previous owners circumstances.

Edward is almost 8 years old, he is a very friendly boy that loves cuddles and affection. He gets on well with other dogs and also cats. He hasn't spent time with younger children so applicants children or visiting children need to be 10+. He needs a home where his adopter is around all day so they can shower him with love and take him for walkies at least twice a day.

He has a grade 2-3 heart murmur which is very typical for a Cavalier of his age, he does not currently require heart medication but he will do in the future as the Mitral Valve Disease progresses. He needs eye lubricant to stop his eyes from becoming dry, they tested just above normal when he had a tear test so something like Viscotears or Lubrithal would be perfect.

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