Willow and Lily- Adopted

Suzy- Adopted
16th January 2019
Rosie Golden Cocker Spaniel
Rosie- Adopted
13th January 2019



Sex Female
Age Lily (Blenhiem) age 2 and Willow (Tri) age 4
Background Ex breeding dogs
Location Bishop Auckland

About Lily and Willow

Lily and Willow are very timid ex breeding dogs, they need a calm, quiet experienced home.

The girls came into rescue together and will be rehomed together. Willow is extremely nervous and is just getting used to living in her foster home. Lily is a little better and helps Willow so much with building her confidence. They are learning to go to the toilet outside but obviously are likely to have accidents in their adoptive home.

Lily has a grade 1 heart murmur. She has had her dental and had 8 teeth removed and stitches in her mouth as her teeth were broken at the gums.

Willow is heart clear currently. She came into rescue with impacted and infected anal glands, we do not know if this issue will reoccur so the adopter must be mindful of this. Willow had the start of Pyometra (womb infection) so was spayed immediately, we were very lucky to find it early on as it is life threatening. She also had a dental and 9 teeth removed, poor Willow also needed stitches due to teeth broken at the gum line.

The girls need a loving home with adopters around all of the time, they need routine and lots of patience while they blossom and grow in confidence. Children 12+

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