Ruby age 4
Ruby- Adopted
24th January 2019
Willow and Lily- Adopted
16th January 2019



Sex Female
Age 2 years
Background Ex breeding dog
Location Barnsley, South Yorkshire

About Suzy

Suzy is a timid ex breeding girl, she needs a calm, quiet experienced home.

Suzy is learning to walk on a lead and is doing extremely well so far, she has started short walks to build her confidence as she is not used to the 'outside world' just yet. She is still a little timid of sudden movements, but that is to be expected. She sleeps well in her crate at night, but would happily lie on the bed with you. She absolutely loves cuddles!

Suzy does have slight arthritis and some muscle wastage, although she can happily jump on the sofa and bed now. She would benefit from some hydrotherapy to build her muscles up when she is more confident. Suzy has had 3 teeth removed during her dental and also had x rays to check for any problems, the vet feels that gentle exercise, time and hydrotherapy is the best plan for her. She has a quiet heart murmur, currently recorded as a grade 1 not requiring medication- however this will change in the future.

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