Snoopy and Luna- Adopted

Shelley Blenhiem Cavalier age 1
Shelley- Adopted
3rd May 2019
Clemmy- Adopted
30th April 2019
Snoopy Cavalier and Luna Cocker



Sex Snoopy Male, Luna Female
Age Snoopy 2 years, Luna 6 years
Background Ex breeder
Location Horncastle, Lincolnshire

About Snoopy and Luna

Snoopy and Luna came together from Eastern Europe after being rescued from a breeder.

We need a wonderful home for them, they are great friends and we really feel it is best that they stay together.

Snoopy is a handsome little boy, he is approximately 2 years old. He enjoys company of other dogs and people, enjoys playing with both for short periods of time. He loves to play with balls, rope tugs and does lots of zoomies!! Sometimes Snoopy comes up to you for cuddles, he absolutely loves being on the sofa with other dogs. He is happy to be in a different room by himself, he doesn't always follow you about.

He is good on the lead but can walk in front of you. Traffic and household noises do not bother him although quick hand movements sometimes do make him duck. Snoopy's foster mum has been working on recall in garden, he is really improving. He eats well, actually he is on a bit of diet! He doesn't go for the other dogs bowls.

Snoopy's health is very good.

Luna is a beautiful, gentle and kind Cocker Spaniel. She has settled well into her new lifestyle and especially enjoys the sofa! She loves to play with Snoopy and has learned some commands in English, she is very intelligent so we are sure she will easily learn more commands as time goes on. She loves balls the most! She enjoys cuddles with her foster mum and the other dogs. She walks well on the lead and loves to go out walking. We have been told that she loves water!

Luna's skin is much improved, she had treatment before her arrival and her fur is growing back. She is currently taking Apoquel but the vet doesn't think she will need it long term. Otherwise her health is very good.

Snoopy and Luna will really brighten their adopters days, such a fabulous pair and we are so happy they will stay together after all they have been through.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.