Snoopy Cavalier and Luna Cocker
Snoopy and Luna- Adopted
1st May 2019
Charlie Tricolour Cavalier age 10 months
Charlie- Adopted
17th April 2019



Sex Female
Age 1-2 Years approx
Background Ex breeder
Location North Lincolnshire

About Clemmy

Clemmy is approx 1-2 years old and has come from a breeder.

She was initially very timid when she came into rescue and tends to hide away from people she doesn't know. Clemmy has improved a lot since her arrival and is now much more relaxed although some things do worry her such as loud noises. It will take some time to gain her trust.

Clemmy does need a special home, she is a Working Cocker Spaniel and will need lots of exercise and stimulation every day. She is improving walking on the lead and when with her friends she is much more confident. She will need to go to a home with other dogs and a family that can offer her appropriate stimulation and be around all of the time. Clemmy is not a sofa dog and boredom or lack of exercise will result in an unhappy girl. She is such a kind, sweet girl and so so intelligent.

Clemmy has a grade 1 heart murmur, this has been investigated by the Cardiologist and she has a mild Mitral Valve leak. This doesn't cause her any problems currently and may or may not worsen as time goes on. She will need to have another echo in approximately 2 years to check on the progression.

She came into rescue underweight but has gained some while she has been in her foster home.

Clemmy really is the most wonderful girl, her adopter will be extremely lucky!

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.