Coco – Adopted
18th April 2023
Beau – Adopted
17th April 2023

Beautiful Maggie is approximately 8 years old and came into rescue in sad circumstances.

She is an absolute sweetheart and a little love bug! No amount of attention is ever enough, and she would spend all day on your lap if she could!

Maggie loves everyone; she loves other dogs and really needs at least one dog in her forever home. We think she has been a breeding dog at some point in her life, but she is quite confident. She can be anxious and vocal when she’s out, and she needs reassurance in some situations to avoid getting too stressed.

She is a really happy girl; she loves her food, her little walks and off-lead mooching in the secure paddock. Cuddles on the sofa at the end of a busy day is her favourite thing!

Sadly Maggie has BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome); please research the condition prior to applying. As you can see from her photos she has a very short muzzle and likely has a thickened soft palate. We decided against surgery for her as it does come with considerable risk. She sometimes had noticeable breathing noises when she is extremely excited or too warm. She will need extra thought and care during the summer months, especially. Ideally, air conditioning on warmer days will help. She cannot do a long duration of exercise in one go, although she very much does need multiple short walks each day for her health and well-being.

Thankfully Maggie’s heart is clear. She sadly has painful chiari malformation, so is on inexpensive pain relief; she needs to remain on this. She is also on treatment for dry eye.

Maggie cannot be rehomed with children or visiting children under 10 years old. She will chase cats and small furries.

Maggie is in foster in North Lincolnshire. Their adopters must be prepared to purchase a lifetime insurance policy or have the means to cover any future health issues. Home workers must be able to produce a contract from their employer. Tenants must send a letter from their landlord stating they have permission to have the dog at their property.

The successful applicants must be able to travel to the foster home for the meet and greet and be immediately available for a home check. The meet and greet must occur within 5 days of a successful home check. Please can we remind you not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time, you are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]
Please read our adoption procedure before applying –