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23rd January 2024
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9th January 2024
Blenheim and ruby Cavaliers
Lucy and Betsy are both five-year-old Cavalier girls who came to rescue from a family home under sad circumstances. They are looking for a wonderful forever home together.
Their adoption fee has been reduced.
They have settled well into foster, and their personalities have really come through. The girls are both very loving lap dogs with a playful side. They look after each other the way sisters should, cleaning each other’s faces and snuggling up.
Lucy and Betsy love going on walks together but still need a little lead training and distraction training when passing other dogs and people. They are doing well with their training, as food and being fussed are more important than being vocal! They are fine with other dogs and people; they get a little over-excited and need to learn doggy manners in greeting.
They are real foodies and need to learn how to take a treat gently. We will only rehome them with children over 10+ who will understand that it’s not okay for dogs to pinch treats or human food as in their past; this has led to them both being a couple of chunky monkeys. They have lost more than a kilo each in rescue and will need to keep working on their weight, especially Lucy. Their weight loss has drastically improved their health with reduced snoring, panting and snorting and Lucy’s drooling. Keeping them trim is really important for their health and ability to exercise.
The girls currently sleep in a crate at night, and once they have had their bedtime biscuits, they trot in on their own and sleep well.
They are currently heart-clear and have no other significant health issues. However, Betsy has had BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgery while in rescue to improve her breathing. This will benefit her in the long term so she can exercise and enjoy life without the strain of her breathing putting issues on her body. She has been signed off by the vet, and the surgery has been a great success.

Aside from some basic training, Lucy and Betsy will be lovely additions to the right home. They have a lot of love to give and enjoy every bit of love given to them.

Lucy and Betsy are in foster in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Their adopters must be prepared to purchase a lifetime insurance policy or have the means to cover any future health issues. Home workers must be able to produce a contract/or a letter from their employer. Tenants must send a letter from their landlord stating they have permission to have the dog at their property.
The successful applicants must be able to travel to the foster home for the meet and greet and be immediately available for a home check. The meet and greet must occur within 5 days of a successful home check. Can we please remind you not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time. You are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]
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