Henry and Amber- Adopted

Eira Cocker Spaniel
Eira- Adopted
20th April 2021
Gracie and Lily Cavaliers outdoorson grass
Gracie and Lily- Adopted
31st March 2021
Henry and Amber Blenheim Cavaliers



Sex Male and Female
Age 10 and 9 years
Background Pet Home
Location Bishop Auckland, North East

About Henry and Amber

Henry and Amber are gorgeous senior Cavaliers looking for a very special home after coming into rescue in very sad circumstances

Amber is 11 years old in July, she really is a beautiful girl. She can be very shy until you get to know her. She loves cuddling up with you on the sofa, she also loves to follow you around the house or garden. She is just nosey and likes to see what your doing!

She enjoys her walks but is slow due to her sniffing every blade of grass! She will happily walk and really enjoys exercise as long as it’s not miles and miles. She also likes to chase her best friend Henry round the garden doing zoomies! Amber is the sweetest loving furbaby and once she knows you she will remain your friend for ever. She absolutely adores her best friend Henry, they are a bonded pair and must be rehomed together.

Henry is 9 years old, he’s a bundle of energy and he also loves to be on your knee for lots of strokes and attention! He really is such a darling boy. He adores Amber and washes her eyes and looks out for her all the time. He loves his walks but does pull on the lead as he likes to be out in front of Amber so he does need a fairly strong adopter.

They both chase birds in the garden and given the opportunity will chase cats too! They are both house trained. Both dogs are deaf but it doesn't impact their quality of life at all.

Amber has a grade 2 left sided heart murmur consistant with Mitral Valve Disease, she does not need any medication yet but she will need an echocardiogram and likely medication as the disease progresses. She has mild Syringomyelia for which she taking pain relief medication, it really has helped her so much and she will need to remain on this. She also has IBD and is on veterinary diet food for this, while she has been in rescue we have had no flare ups at all and is under control with her diet. She has had a dental while in foster and has had 28 teeth removed, her tongue now does hang out but her mouth is no longer painful. She also eats her own poo given the opportunity so needs close monitoring in the garden!

Henry sadly has a grade 5 murmur, he has an enlarged heart and has started heart medication following an echocardiogram. He currently is not at all symptomatic. Henry also has IBD which is under control with the veterinary diet food. He has had a dental while in foster and needed to have 12 teeth removed.

Amber and Henry absolutely adore each other and need a quiet home with no children under the age of 12 years. They can live with or without other dogs happily but will chase cats.

Henry and Amber are in foster in Bishop Auckland, County Durham. The successful applicants must be able to travel to foster home for the meet and greet. More information regarding our latest Covid-19 protocol will be made available following a successful telephone interview and home check. Please can we remind not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time, you are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.