Gracie and Lily- Adopted

Henry and Amber Blenheim Cavaliers
Henry and Amber- Adopted
14th April 2021
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Toby- Adopted
28th March 2021
Gracie and Lily Cavaliers outdoorson grass



Sex Female
Age 5 and 6 years
Background Pet Home
Location Horncastle, Lincolnshire

About Gracie and Lily

Gracie and Lily are adorable girls who are looking for a wonderful home together.

Gracie, 5, is a black and tan and Lily, 6, a tri. They came into rescue in sad circumstances, you may have read Lily’s thoughts on coming into rescue in her article. They are both gentle, cuddle monsters, they love cuddling up with each other, foster mum’s dogs and foster mum.

Gracie will sit on your knee and then very gently lie back so that you can tickle her tummy, when you stop, she bats your hand. Lily is slightly more nervous of the pair, but this is not a problem. Gracie loves zoomies round the garden by herself or with the foster dogs, she play fights with Lily and plays tug of war. Lily is quieter but is now also trying to play tug of war, she likes chewing a nylabone.

They both love their walks and get excited as they set off, they walk nicely and are not bothered by traffic. They generally ignore people and show little interest in other dogs and cats when walking. Gracie and Lily like people and other dogs, if foster mum stops to talk, socially distanced, to people. They do however chase a cat which appears in the garden and bark at the birds in the garden. Gracie and Lily like being outside, exploring the garden or lying in the sun.

Gracie and Lily are housetrained and will sit by the back door if they want to go out. They do not mind being left for short periods, and stay in the kitchen, the same applies at night. They are happy to go in the car and travel in a dog seat, attached by a seat belt to their harness. They can be very vocal when you set off in the car and when you arrive at your destination. Lily will screech but is improving as she feels more settled and knows she will be returning.

They are fed Burns Sensitive and enjoy their food, Lily eats quite slowly but Gracie does not attempt to go for her bowl. Preparation of food can be quite a vocal time.

Both girls have had dentals, with each having 2 teeth removed. They had already been spayed when they came into rescue. Gracie has a grade 3 heart murmur, with some enlargement, and has started on Cardisure. Gracie and Lily have Chiari Malformation with pain and have been started on Gabapentin and Loxicom, which is working effectively in controlling the pain. Their pain relief and heart medication will need to be continued for the rest of theior lives so please do factor this cost in, they will also require medication reviews every 3 months.

Gracie and Lily will bring so much joy to their new parents, they enjoy life and are very easy going.

Lily and Gracie are in foster in Horncastle, Lincolnshire. The successful applicants must be able to travel to foster home for the meet and greet. More information regarding our latest Covid-19 protocol will be made available following a successful telephone interview and home check. Please can we remind not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time, you are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.