Minnie- Adopted
6th June 2019
Gatsby and Gabby 15 months old Blenhiem Cavaliers
Gabby and Gatsby- Adopted
21st May 2019
Brodie one year old Cavalier king charles



Sex Male
Age 1 year approx
Background Eastern European Rescue
Location North Lincolnshire

About Brodie

Brodie is a gorgeous little boy, full of life and cheekiness! He was rescued from Eastern Europe from travellers.

He loves to play with his doggy friends in his foster home and has a lot of energy so will need some really nice frequent walks in his adoptive home. We would prefer a home for Brodie where he will have another young, playful friend and he does need at least one other resident dog ideally a Cavalier. He can be timid at times especially when meeting new people, his dog friends have shown him that people are not all scary but he will need reassurance especially when out in busy or new places.

Brodie cannot be rehomed with children or visiting children under the age of 12, he also cannot be rehomed with cats as he will chase them.

Brodie is currently showing mild signs of having Chiari Malformation, at times he does not like his head or neck to be touched especially by vets during examinations. During the course of the day he is not showing signs of pain currently, he cannot wear a collar and when walked must always wear a harness. As time goes on he may become symptomatic and could even go on to develop Syringomyelia- as could any Cavalier- but as he is young with some mild symptoms it is likely this will progress as he gets older and he may need pain medication. We would prefer a home for Brodie with an owner that has knowledge of Chiari and Syringomyelia- or an owner willing to learn about the condition and stay in touch with us so that we can offer support.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.