Beau Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel age 5
Beau- Adopted
11th September 2023
Bailey Blenheim Puppy Cavalier King Charles
Bailey – Adopted
26th August 2023
Bonny Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Bonny is a 5-year-old ex-breeding girl who has improved in foster care but still has a long way to go to build her confidence. She needs a very patient home with an existing dog to help her; she trusts dogs more than she trusts people. She is doing better on walks but can’t have anyone walking behind her. She needs to keep an eye on the humans around her.

She sleeps well in her own bed in the bedroom. Even though she is nervous around people, she follows you from room to room. She really wants to love and trust, but it’s overwhelming for her at the moment. She will allow affection if you are seated and relaxed. She prefers tummy tickles and chin rubs rather than head strokes. This is partly because she is nervous and partly because she has been suffering from CM (Chiari Malformation) for a long time and is used to being in pain.

Bonny also has a grade 2 heart murmur but doesn’t need any treatment at this time. She is on medication for her CM and has improved, doing well. She also has a mild bladder issue and is trialling treatment for it. However, it’s not a significant concern. She has a little drip after going for a wee, so we have been staying outside with her for a few extra minutes just to save cleaning the sofa from the little drips.

She has also been spayed under our care, and her vaccinations and flea and worm treatments are all up to date.

Bonny needs a quiet area without lots of people and traffic for walks. She can be suddenly startled by noise or movement, so fields, woods, and large parks are better for her. She can be a picky eater and sometimes has to be hand-fed in the mornings. Still, she is improving now that she realises that chewing isn’t as painful because she has her pain under control and has had extensive dental treatment.

She can be homed with children aged 15 and over. Due to her timidity, playful children would upset her. She just wants a quiet, relaxed home. She needs the right one with a family that will give her the time to mend her broken soul.

Bonny is in foster in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Her adopters must be prepared to purchase a lifetime insurance policy or have the means to cover any future health issues. Home workers must be able to produce a contract/or a letter from their employer. Tenants must send a letter from their landlord stating they have permission to have the dog at their property.
The successful applicants must be able to travel to the foster home for the meet and greet and be immediately available for a home check. The meet and greet must occur within 5 days of a successful home check. Please can we remind you not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time. You are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]
Please read our adoption procedure before applying –