Loxley- Adopted
20th February 2019
Meg- Forever Foster
13th February 2019
Bobby age 1 Cavalier X Cocker Spaniel



Sex Male
Age 1 Year and 4 months
Background Pet home
Location North Lincolnshire

About Bobby

Bobby came into rescue from a pet home due to behavioural issues.

Bobby is the most beautiful Cavalier X Cocker Spaniel, he is absolutely stunning in fact. He has no known health problems and is 1 years old. It is believed that he didn't have the best start in life with his breeder and this has caused him to suffer with anxiety around people that he doesn't know.

He has settled very well in foster and loves being with other dogs, he spends his days playing and running around with his Cavalier friends. In his new home he will need at least a couple of confident resident dogs that enjoy to run and play. We hope that we can find him a rural home similar to the set up he has currently.

Bobby needs further training in his new home, ideally his new owner will be an experienced owner with plenty of time to dedicate to him. He does not like being walked in busy places and it makes him anxious so he either needs to live rurally or be taken to quiet places where he can let off steam. He does bark at people out and about although is improving all the time.

His previous owner did a great job with training him with voice commands and his recall is really good. He does pull on the lead out of sheer excitement, his adopter can further work on this as part of his training. Bobby is not a 'sofa dog' and needs plenty of stimulation, the reward for this is a beautiful, happy and loving boy.

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