Bill and Ben 9 year old Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for adoption
Bill and Ben- Adopted
5th July 2020
Ebony and Ginny Cavaliers available for adoption
Ebony and Ginny- Adopted
15th May 2020
Bentley available for adoption Blenhiem Cavalier King Charles Spaniel age 4



Sex Male
Age 4 Years
Background Pet Home
Location Wakefield, West Yorkshire

About Bentley

Bentley is a 4 year old very handsome Cavalier boy that came into rescue from a pet home in sad circumstances due to some behavioural problems.

He is a very sweet and loving boy, he adores other dogs especially his Cavalier friends and will need at least one other dog in his forever home to play with.

Bentley has some guarding issues, some have improved but some are still there. The post is a real problem as well as chew treats, the only way to deter him from guarding is not allowing him to have these things. His adopters home would have to have a post basket on the door, or an outside letter box as he will take the post and not give it back. He will growl and snarl and there is extreme difficulty taking these things from him. He can have softer treats as he will eat them, hard chews are an absolute no-go as he doesn’t eat he just guards them. If you can eliminate the problem items he is otherwise the perfect dog. He does need a confident, well experienced owner.

He is actually quite gentle and a little timid at times, he is a little afraid of bigger dogs especially if they are intact males. He loves to be groomed and on the whole he is a very good boy. He enjoys his walks and loves to play, he really does need plenty of stimulation and an owner that is home for most of the day. He has learned some basic commands and asks to go out to the garden. He walks quite well on the lead but gets distracted by wanting to smell absolutely everything! He is very friendly when meeting people and other dogs when out and about and is used to an hour walking every day, he loves his walks and gets so excited that he does a tap dance for you!

Bentley has a slight grade 1 heart murmur, no treatment needed currently but he could do of course in the future. Since arrival in rescue he has been neutered, had dental work and treatment for severe ear infections. His ears will need keeping a close eye on as the infections could recur. He will need to be kept on a sensitive diet to help with yeast building up.

Due to his guarding issues Bentley cannot be rehomed with children or visiting children under 14 years old. His adopters must be fit and dog experienced due to his issues and the need to be well exercised.

Applicants must be within 1 hour of postcode WF1 (WAKEFIELD) while we are following our temporary adoption protocol.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.