Summer and Skye- Adopted

Mia Blenhiem Cavalier age 1 year
Mia- Adopted
8th May 2019
Shelley Blenhiem Cavalier age 1
Shelley- Adopted
3rd May 2019
Skye Blenhiem Cavalier age 1 Summer Blenhiem Cavalier age 4



Sex Female
Age 1 Year and 4 Years
Background Eastern Europe Rescue
Location County Durham, North East

About Skye and Summer

Skye (on left) and Summer (on right) have come from a rescue abroad.

The girls were rescued from a breeder that was keeping them in absolutely awful conditions and brought to us in April 2019. The girls are best friends so they will be rehomed together.

Skye is a gorgeous baby inside and out. She is a very cheeky girl and is now learning how to play with toys, she adores her play mate Summer! Skye walks very well on the lead and really enjoys walkies, she is a young girl so will need plenty of exercise in her furever home and lots of stimulation. She has been doing some training with her foster mum and is learning some commands!

Skye is underweight so will need to continue on 3 meals a day, once she has reached her target weight this can be reduced to 2 meals a day. She has chicken or salmon mixed into every meal to make it nicer for her. Skye has a eye defect, her socket grew to a normal size but the eye didn’t when she was in the womb. She will need Optixcare eye lube twice a day to help her eye for the rest of her life, she does however have perfect sight in this eye. She has very thin fur due to a flea infestation but it is starting to grow back, her tail has no fur on either.

Summer is also a stunning girl and wins the hearts of everyone she meets. She has a lovely personality and has been coming out of her shell so fast while in her foster home.

Summer hasn't quite mastered her toilet training just yet so this will need to be continued in her forever home. She walks very well on the lead, enjoys exercise and playing with Skye.

The girls will need frequent, gentle walks initially until they build up some muscle.

The girls love cuddles with pretty much anyone that is available!

Both girls are chipped, vaccinated, wormed and spayed.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.