Meggy- Adopted
30th September 2018
Issy- Adopted
30th September 2018



Sex Male
Age 7 years
Background Ex breeding dog
Location North Lincolsnhire

About Ginger

Ginger was a stud dog before coming into rescue and had not previously lived in a house. He has adapted extremely well and is becoming a really confident boy.

He is completely toilet trained now and has stopped 'marking' in the house, this improved almost immediately after being neutered. He did have a wart removed from near his eye while under anaesthetic but it was not causing him any issues. His health is very good, he does not have a heart murmur currently which is very rare for a Cavalier of his age. He does have excess tear drainage so his eyes will need cleaning daily. He has now had a dental with some extractions and is recovering very well.

Ginger is very affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on your lap. He is becoming more confident on the lead and when walking with another dog he really is very good. He does prefer female dogs to males although now he is much better with other males.

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