ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Copper- Adopted
4th August 2023
Monty Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Monty – Adopted
30th July 2023
Denni 6 year old Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Denni is a beautiful 6-year-old Cavalier available for adoption. She came into the rescue as a retired breeding dog.
Denni is the sweetest Cavalier, and her confidence is improving every day. She is very loving and enjoys nothing more than a snuggle or putting her head on your knee. She has more confidence than many ex-breeding dogs do, but due to her history, some new situations can make her anxious.
She doesn’t like a lot of noise and is extremely wary of the children we have seen. She is wonderful when meeting new people if they are patient and take some time to get down to her level. She is getting pretty good when being walked. At the moment, she is being walked in quieter places and very much relies on the other Cavaliers to give her confidence.
One of her favourite things to do (possibly learned from Posie and predecessors!) is to chase butterflies! She loves the outdoors and would very much appreciate having some interesting walks, maybe some beach trips too, just to enhance her life even more. She sleeps very well with the other Cavaliers following biscuit time- as per their routine! She is a very good eater.
Denni is heart-clear, so great news there. Sadly she suffers from chiari malformation pain and needs pain relief, which has transformed her life. She also has luxating knees, they don’t need surgery currently, and we hope things will remain stable for her by continuing her pain relief and increasing her exercise. She has a great quality of life.
We are looking for a home for her with at least one other dog, and children would need to be over 10 years old. Her adopter does need to be home most of the time.
Denni is in foster in North Lincolnshire. Her adopters must be prepared to purchase a lifetime insurance policy/ OR have the means to cover any future health issues. Home workers must be able to produce a contract OR a letter from their employer proving their work-from-home status. Tenants must send a letter from their landlord stating they have permission to have the dog at their property.
The successful applicants must be able to travel to the foster home for the meet and greet and be immediately available for a home check. The meet and greet must occur within 5 days of a successful home check. Please do not apply if you have a holiday booked in the near future.
Please can we remind you not to telephone the rescue regarding adoptions at any time. You are more than welcome to email us with any [email protected]
Please read our adoption procedure before applying –