Clive and Steve- Adopted

Molly Tricolour Cavalier age 5
Molly- Adopted
17th March 2019
Rocco- Adopted
6th March 2019



Sex Male
Age 7 Years
Background Pet home
Location North Lincolnshire

About Clive and Steve

Clive and Steve came into rescue from a pet home in sad circumstances due to no fault of their own.

The boys are brothers from the same litter, they will be 8 years old in May 2019. They are so friendly and loving, absolutely perfectly behaved and just want love and attention.

Clive has a grade 3 murmur and some enlargement, he is on heart medication- currently just Cardisure (Pimobendan) which he will need for the rest of his life. This does not currently cause any symptoms but as with all dogs with Mitral Valve Disease it is a progressive disease and he will need monitoring. He has a mild luxating patella, this does not impact him exercising. He will need to keep his weight down to ensure not to burden his heart and knees.

Steve also has a loud heart murmur, currently grade 4 and enlargement so has also started on Cardisure heart medication. Due to his heart being enlarged it is pushing against his trachea which causes a subtle cough at times.

Both boys need to keep their weight right down in order to remain as healthy as they possibly can.

They love going out walking, love all dogs and people and have been an absolute joy to foster- there really will be buckets of tears streaming on adoption day!

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