Blossom- Adopted
20th October 2018
Minnie- Adopted
19th October 2018



Sex Male
Age 11 years and 9 months
Background Pet home
Location Boston, Lincolnshire

About Bobbie

Bobbie is a Yorkshire Terrier that has come into rescue in very sad circumstances. He lived with his owner for many years until recently when she passed away.

Bobbie went to live with a family member who was very kind to him and loved him dearly but there was a little person there and he really wasn't keen. Bobbie would hide away and get very anxious, therefore when adopted sadly he will not be able to live with little people under the age of 12.

He has a weak back leg but has had it for years and it really doesn't bother him currently. In the future he may require some pain relief and will benefit from being given Yumove and Glucosamine supplements daily. His heart has a little murmur but he doesn't need medication as it is currently grade 1 so barely audible.

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