Bill and Ben 9 year old Tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniels for adoption
Bill and Ben- Adopted
5th July 2020
Bentley available for adoption Blenhiem Cavalier King Charles Spaniel age 4
Bentley- Adopted
19th May 2020



Age10 Years
BackgroundPet Home
LocationBeverley, East Yorkshire

About Bertie

Bertie is a 10 year old Cavalier boy that came into rescue from a pet home in sad circumstances.

Bertie came into rescue when his owner’s circumstances changed, causing him to become very stressed. He requires a home with no other pets and reacts badly when near other dogs, pulls on his lead and barks. He has not encountered any cats while in foster care but we’ve been informed he doesn’t react well to them either

Sadly Bertie is symptomatic of Syringomyelia, this is some of the cause of his behavioural problems and limb weakness. He is on pain relief which has helped manage his pain but some of his behaviours are long term habits that have formed. He can be aggressive at times so his adopter will have to work with his fosterer on how to best manage him.

He enjoys going for walks but is better in more remote areas where he is less likely to encounter other dog walkers due to his reaction. There are no issues with him travelling in a car and he is very happy to meet and loves to interact with people. He is friendly towards new people and loves to be the centre of attention. He loves to spend time in the garden, he shows affection by pushing his head at you and will give his paw. Bailey also enjoys being groomed. He is a highly intelligent dog who demands a lot of attention and suffers from separation anxiety and will bark when you are out of sight and become stressed.

On arrival in rescue sadly Bertie needed 2 tumours removed, one of which was cancerous but thankfully the surgery was curative. He was also castrated and had a dental which resulted in him losing the remainder of his teeth-however he does very well with soft food and is no longer in pain. He has a grade 2 heart murmur, no medication needed at this time but will need keeping an eye on. Bertie requires daily medication which is fairly inexpensive, Loxicom and Gabapentin, which have really improved his quality of life and he will need to remain on these for the rest of his life. He also suffers from dry eye so needs twice daily Optimmune to keep his eyes lubricated.

He is looking for a confident, experienced owner and he especially likes men! Bertie has a lot of love to give and will settle quickly into his new forever home. In return he needs anowner with lots of time to share with him and previous experience of owning a dog. Bertie cannot be rehomed with children or visiting children.

Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.