Bruno Tricolour Cavalier Puppy
Bruno- Adopted
20th February 2020
Dash tricolour Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Age 5



    Age5 Years
    BackgroundPet Home
    LocationNorth Lincolnshire

    About Dash

    Dash is a gorgeous 5 year old Cavalier that came into rescue due to his challenging behaviour in his previous home.

    Dash arrived in rescue following displaying aggressive behaviour towards his owners and their children and visitors to the house. Dash was showing signs of having Chiari Malfromation with pain and Syringomyelia so he was immediately put on painkillers. We have spent a period of time working with him and trying to establish what his triggers are and how to make him happy. He adores other dogs, they give him confidence and his behaviour is much improved when he is in the company of other Cavaliers. He has been very content and calm in his foster home and actually has been a joy to foster- in the right home he will be the same.

    Dash really does not like children, he becomes very distressed if they are nearby and will growl and given the chance he would bite them. When out and about he is very well behaved, he is good in the car and when out walking. He is wary of strangers and does not like them to touch him- but will happily walk past them with no issues. At the vets he is much improved and now is examined without a muzzle, the same for when he is groomed but you have to be gentle when grooming his ears and neck area.

    When you are 'his human' he loves you and you are his world, as his foster mum I don't have any issues with him at all and allowances need to be made for him. He is the sweetest boy and so loving.

    As mentioned above he does have Syringomyelia, he is currently on Gabapentin and Loxicom. He also has a moderate heart murmur and is on heart medication which he will need to take for the rest of his life.

    He can be rehomed with cats and there must be at least one kind resident dog, ideally a Cavalier. Absolutely no children or visiting children and a calm, quiet home would be best. We have been as honest as possible because we only want the best for Dash.

    Please read our adoption procedure prior to filling in the online form. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.